The Phantom Menace
Goofs can be a menace. Especially when I'm looking for them frame by frame.

Watch Your Fingers!
Maul's blade appears to strike the hilt (or hand) of Qui-Gon's lightsaber and not the blade.

Strike One!
When a blade hits any surface it should create a spark. Here they forgot to add it to the shot.

I Feel a Gap in the Force
In this frame the blade appears to not quite make contact with it's own hilt.

Do You Know Your Back From Your Front?
Note in this shot, because of the angle of the hilt, the blade should be BEHIND Jinn's head.

There's a Reason Why They Call Them "HERO" Props
Usually for up-close shots, "HERO" props which are clean and prestine or originals are used. Here it appears they used one of the castings which shows a few flaws and finishing mistakes. But Maul is a baddy so we'll just call this a "VILLAN" prop.

Separation Anxiety
To achieve the lightsaber cutting in half a squib was placed between the two halves of the lightsaber. To trigger the effect, a "trigger" was placed on the prop itself and was activated by Ray Park (Darth Maul) at the right moment. The electrical wire to supply that charge can also be seen running down the underside of HIS left (your right) hand.

Strike Two!
Obi-Wan takes a swing at Maul and misses. There was a "strike" sound effect heard but not only did he miss Maul and the floor but no sparks could be seen.

Strike Three..and Four, Five, Six...
As agent 86 would say, "Missed it by that much!" or in this case, a foot-and-a-half.