The Empire Strikes Back
Even after the special edition was released, there were still a few..."missed" opportunities.

Scene Sound Sync Screwed
After Luke relieves the arthritis in the Wampa's right arm, Luke decides to bid a quick farewell. You can clearly hear the ligthsaber extinguish sound effect but the lightsaber continues to surge to the end of the cut for at least another three seconds.

Sound Slowed for Special Edition DVD Release
In the theatrical, video and special edition video releases, the sounds of the lightsabers hum and clash at normal speed while the duel is performed in slow motion. Before the release of the original trillogy on DVD, someone at LFL caught this inconsistency and corrected to a lower, slower sound effect.

More Sound Issues
The original release of this shot, you can hear the sound effect is of the "original" saber. For some odd reason, for the DVD release the sound of Luke's "Return of the Jedi" lightsaber ignition, which is distinctly different, is directly overlapped on top of the original sound effect.

Um...Vader, Your Stick is Showing
Just before Vader ignights his lightsaber, you can see the unlit rod sticking out the end of the prop hilt.

Not Even Close
Clearly the blade of Vader's lightsaber missed the towers by a good 12 to 16 inches.

Aren't You a Little Short for a Lightsaber?
Boy, someone was really asleep at the wheel on this one. And not even corrected for the DVD.

Strike Three...You're Out!
Nowhere near his wrist.