Attack of the Clones
Not a lot of mistakes in this episode...we found them...confusing, but there.

Misaligned Blade
In the close up pic you can see the blade in this frame does not align properly with the hilt.

A slight tangle with Jedi robe hoods can make swinging that lightsaber a problem. The digital blade tried to cover the mistake...tried.

Color Blind are We?
As you will come to find out, this is a consistent problem keeping track of all those blades and colors. I mean there's...what...a whole four different blade colors to keep track of? Well really only two, blue and green. These two shots were only moments from one another.

Here Comes the Big Switcharoo
Note in this shot, Anakin is holding the Ki-Adi lightsaber with a green blade...

...Obi had acquired the Adi Gallia style lightsaber (shown on right) during the arena battle. Suddenly in one shot he is holding the lightsaber he lost earlier in the film (shown on left)...

Ok, Stay With Me on This... the GREEN Ki-Adi lightsaber Anakin was holding is now BLUE. The Adi Gallia lightsaber that was tossed to him by Obi-Wan is the earlier Obi-Wan lightsaber, not the Adi Gallia which is supposed to be the Ki-Adi and is cut from his hand which can be seen...

Brain hurt? Go take a nap. You'll feel better when you wake up.