A New Hope
With the DVD release there were only a few mistakes corrected. SO many more could have...should have been fixed.

No Smooth Effects Going on Here
One of the cool things about the lightsaber is the smooth ignition, seeing the blade extending from the hilt. You might say, "elegant" looking. Not here. Originally Mark was holding only the hilt of the saber, with the actors frozen in their position, a stage hand switches the hilt for one with a rod. The transition is less than...elegant. One moment it's not there, the next it is. Many were hoping this shot would have been replaced with a smoother effect for the DVD. No dice.

Sloppy Blade Effects
Here are a few samples where the blade effect was not rotoscoped properly nor corrected for the DVD.

Color Blind are We?
In the original release, blade color was totally void. They made an attempt to correct this for the DVD but with incorrect and inconsistent results. Luke's lightsaber which is supposed to be blue is very green looking at the beginning of this sequence. A couple of shots later, it's now blue. In fact, both shots look almost entirely identical with exception to the blade color.

Did They Just Give Up All Together?
Choppy effects and NO BLADE COLOR is just no excuse. Why make corrections in some areas but none in others?

Rod and Shadows
Again, they opted for the freeze and stagehand replacement. The result is not a fluid as it should have been.

Let the A/C Flow Through You!
These are just two of SEVERAL examples of how the cord can be seen. Originally the lightsaber effect was achieved, in part by having a spinning blade covered with 3M reflective tape reflect light back into the camera. The effect was less than successful but the power source for the motor was external. To that end, the cord can be seen in several shots.

The POWDER of the Force
Flash powder shakes loose as lightsaber's clash. Whiffs of powder can be seen floating off.

Saber Swicharoo 1
This happens all in a matter of a few frames but obvious the effects wizards at ILM were not paying as close attention as they should have.

Gumby Lightsaber's
Guess they should have used a stiffer blade material uh?

Obi Fights with a...PURPLE Lightsaber?!?
Ok, this one mystifies even me. I've got nothing on this one.

A Good Example of Putting the Cart Before the Horse
These captures were taken in sequence just a moment from one another.

More Frames Missing Blade Effects
At this point I'm baffled as to who was in charge of the DVD upgrades. If you're reading this, please write in an explain yourself.

Pink-5 Was Here?
This is just ONE example of Vader's saber switching from RED to PINK.

Reverse Shot? No. Mirrored.
This one almost got by me...almost.

Saber Switcharoo Part Two
I guess someone was asleep at the wheel on this...again.

Just How Difficult Can it be?
It's not. Trust me. I'm a graphic designer. It took me a whole 10 seconds to show just how easy it is to do a lightsaber effect.
Note to ILM: I'm available. You can email me at Luuke@TheLightsaber.com I'll drop you my resume and we can do lunch.

Mines Bigger Than Yours
And here's the proof. Do you think Vader has a complex or just something to prove?

Make Up Your Minds Fellas
In one shot the color is there, the next it isn't. Please see my email addy above. Thank you.

Obi's No Dummy. Wait...D'OH!
Originally the mannequin was to be cut in half but was changed. Either way the effect was something less than desirable.

Color Corrected for DVD
Originally the blade color was missing from this shot. For the DVD it was corrected. Now can we go back and fix the other two-dozen mistakes ...PLEASE?