Jedi Lightsaber Training Remote
These modified seekers are small droids programmed to hover and fire random, non-lethal blaster bolts at a blind-folded padawan. The purpose is to hone a Jedi's reaction to an opposing foe with a blaster. A well trained Jedi can also deflect the blaster bolt but redirect it at any target they wish to hit.

A99 Aquata Breather
Aquata Breathers are not only used for watery environments but can also be utilized for worlds where the air is not quite paletable.

Jedi Comlinks
Always a must when you need to keep in contact with others in your order. These comlinks are specially designed to transmit samples of organic material to an analyzer on the receiving end. Giving the caller remote access to lab analysis.

Grapling Hook & Spinner
Grapling hooks and spinners are used to get out of tight situations and get to those hard to reach areas where Force assisted leaps are not possible. The spinner liquid solidifies on contact with air creating a very stong tensile strength cable similar to spider webbing.

Holoprojectors are typically used to record and store information or messages as a three dimentional hologram.

Jedi Food Capsules
For the Jedi on the go, nutrition is maintained with the food pellets within these belt worn capsules. All a Jedi needs when access to a regular meal is inaccessible.

Blinding Helmet
A Jedi needs no sight when using the Force. These blinding helmets are used to train Jedi not to rely on what they can see with their eyes but rather what is shown to them by using the Force. A well trained Jedi can strike objects that are not in view such as blaster bolts headed for their hind-sight.

Jedi Holocron
Holocrons are very rare objects manufactured for the sole purpose of storing extremely sensitive or secret information pertaining to Force users. Historical as well as instructional information can fetch extraordinary prices on the black markets.

Sith Probe
Designed for reconnaissance Probe Droid or several can be programmed to seek out a target remotely and report back to its user.

Sith Electrobinoculars
Most notably used by Darth Maul to locate his prey.

Manual Grapling Hook
Another type of hook with a cable to get out of tight "situations".

Jedi Cockpit Headset
Wireless headset worn in the cockpit of Jedi starcraft for communications.

Jedi Microbinoculars
Compact in size to fit into a Jedi beltpouch but high enough resolution to see objects or enemies from great distances.

Tracking Device
Magnetic contacts on its bottom surface can allow for the tracker to be thrown from a distance, connect with a target and activate its transmitter on contact. The transponder can pick up the signal even while a craft is traveling at lightspeed.