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All lightsabers are constructed primary the same as far as the basics. Lightsabers have a main power core, crystals for channeling/focusing and a cpu (central processing unit). Don't let the short list of parts fool you. A seasoned Jedi can take up to a month to construct his/her lightsaber. However in an emergency, a lightsaber can be constructed in a few days.

The power cores are specially designed to charge/recharge on its own energy. The energy reaction is re-fed into the lightsaber while the blade is activated. Otherwise it only expels energy when it comes into contact with objects. Some design their saber with an auxiliary power core. This will help the unit to recharge after use or prolong its usage. However, lightsabers can be depleted to a point where it is necessary to recharge using an external source.

Because of the extreme power needed for such a weapon to be used, the core is usually heavily shielded.

The primary crystal chamber is where the power source is first unleashed. Here the raw energy passes through very rare Adegan crystals. Crystals with properties favorable to constructing an efficient lightsaber and cannot be found in any other crystal nor can be produced artificially. Adega is such a far remote world that on the ice-world of Ilum, Jedi have established a hidden cavern where they are grown. Even though the crystals can be taken and assembled to a lightsaber elsewhere, they complete construction in the caverns for the full experience. It has come to light receintly that the Sith have found ways of manufacturing crystals for their lightsabers. This explains why their lightsaber blade color is red. It is also here where an optional biogenic compound can be added. This is an organic compound that is teaming with midichlorians. It is using this even rarer material that the lightsaber can become apart of the Living Force. Some say it aids Jedi while using their saber. It has been described that the lightsaber can feel alive. In a way it is, through the Force sensitive user.

The enhanced energy now passes through a negatively charged magnetic coiled shaft, organizing the particles into a linear stream.

From there they either tap through a focus pin or through another set of polished lenses next to a positively charged magnetic ring. It is from here the blade is exposed. The energy travels up the projected length of the blade and back down through, traversing its way back to the core.

The blade can be a fixed length, usually 36", or with added lenses and controls, can be adjustable to a few inches. The width of the blade can also be affected by intensity controls. Activation buttons or switches are typically exposed on the outer skin of the lightsaber. On occasion, some have either a concealed touch plate that can recognize only its owner or the switch is internal. This type of internal switch is activated by sheer will of the Force user making it impossible for any others to use.

Jedi carry their lightsabers however it suits them best. The most common way is using the covertec button clip. "D" rings are the second most common. Some may opt to use a looped leather strap. Very rarely will you see a Jedi "tuck" their saber in their belt or boot. Some have cleverly concealed them up their sleeves or in a companion droid.