For as long as I can remember, I have always had a deep passion for art in one form or another.
I feel fortunate that I grew up not only in an artistic family but during a time where I learned "old school" art.
From pen and ink to photographic printing and processing, things taught before the advent of the internet and computer graphics.
And with that the opportunity to evolve with new artforms in the new millenium.

My hobbies includes collecting and making film & tv props, special f/x, sepcial f/x make-up, costume making including vaccuforming.
I have a small collection of classic arcade games I enjoy.
I'm also the creator and host of The NerdVana Podcast.
Professionally I earn a modest living as a graphic designer in the Bay Area in California.
For info on my graphic design services please go to Blue Mirage Studio

I'm happy, enjoy and aprecciate my life with my beautiful, passionate wife,
my amazing, beautiful daughters all who fill my everyday life with love and happiness,
and people whom I feel lucky enough to call my friends. (always) be continued.

-JC Arkham

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